Welcome to the Class!

Hi, I’m Joshua Glass and welcome to the Class to Surpass, where we are all students here to learn how to improve and make our lives better! This site is meant to spread useful information.

From what I’ve experienced, everybody has something their dealing with. I’ve gone through rough times firsthand, and I’ve had to search for answers. There have been plenty aspects of my life that needed improving, so I figured out how to do so. I want to streamline all that I’ve learned for you guys to see, so you can have another steady source of knowledge.

I made this blog also to test myself. I need something that I can work on, day in and day out, that I can build up and stick with in order to practice persistence. So in a way, I’m practicing self improvement through posting on this blog. On a related note, look out for said blog posts. I’m going to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, I will drop associated YouTube videos on those same days.

So now that we’ve got the why out of the way, let’s ask about the what. What is this blog going to be about? Well, it depends on what’s most popular. I plan on posting about a few related topics and creating more content based around what people want to see.

The topics I’m going to start with are productivity, mental wellness, and social dynamics. I’ve chosen these subjects because there all things that I’ve already learned a lot about. By merit of that, I am already deep into their surrounding communities.

So, as I said, one of the things I’m focusing this blog on productivity. Many posts will be about maximizing our usage of time through practical techniques. Another thing we’ll be looking at is optimizing our minds and mental wellness. The last topic you’ll read about improving here is our social lives.

As a final point, I want to say, I’ve got a lot in store for you guys. Remember, there will be new blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m so excited to share this info with you guys, and I hope you’re ready for it, because I’m going to blow you away. Thanks for reading!